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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  January 21, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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will go have a beer with them. >> that is quite all right with the former city councilman moore who wrote the first letter to dr. john york inviting him to consider santa clara as the new home for 49ers stadium. >> we were standing out there when you asked me did think it was going to be built. i can answer it, len. i think it will be built. >> how does this city of 118,000 people whose previous icons were a mission and amusement park lure what is now one of the most successful sports franchises of all time. >> santa clara is always going to be a small town. we thought big. >> santa clara may not have the bridges, but it is a well run business city. everyone will benefit from the team being solidly in the south bay. >> honored to be just a few blocks away from the new stadium.
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we keep joking letting him know we will be way closer so he can come in after games and everything. >> reporter: speaking of a small city thinking big, this stadium when completed will hold a little bit over 68,000 people. that's a little bit more than half the entire population of the city of santa clara, liz. just think, this will host a super bowl in the coming years. there is a possibility the 49ers continue this dynasty they might be back here playing a home game as a super bowl. >> let's hope for that. that would be so exciting. len, thank you. mobile 5 also in santa clara tonight. cbs 5's ken bastida talked with some of the 49ers' faithful fans. >> there were no players but they didn't care. ed in as len was showing you, there was a news conference today. normally about six, seven cameras attend. ed to, over two dozen cameras jammed into the interview room
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which kind of gives you some indication that we have begun this now two week adventure up to the super bowl. the fans didn't care there were no players or coaches. they showed up anyway to start celebrating. >> do you go to the games? >> every now and then. not all the time. >> what are all these people doing hered to many >> these are all fans. they are die-hard fans. we're loyal and we've here. >> you still have two weeks. why are you doing it all in one day. >> faithful, baby. we're real fans. >> we are. we are here to support our team. we're so glad. >> yeah. i was giving them a bad time, but they are die hard fans for sure. as len said, some day. they are putting the seats down right now. that's a live picture. construction that is going on day and night. i get the same feeling i had in
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1982 when they won the first super bowl. the anticipation leading up to that one. here we are how many years later and going back to the super bowl to new orleans. people are so amped up. it is really fun to see >> you and i were both here. does the first one feel different to you than maybe the sixth? >> reporter: it got to be pretty routine for awhile, allen. it has been '94 since the 49ers went back. there is a whole new crop of fans. you see a lot of young people who really have never seen a super bowl team in the bay area. this is a new experience for them. we're all going along for a ride. >> let's end the dry spell. >> reporter: yep. >> ken bastida, cbs 5. our coverage include sports
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director dennis o'donnell. joined by michelle griego and mike sugerman. >> where can you find best deals. 9ers coverage still ahead. our other big story tonight. the inauguration of a president. live pictures at one of the balls in washington, d.c. gets going. the president just took the stage and spoke via satellite to some u.s. troops in afghanistan. he then shared a special dance with the first lady. cbs 5's christin ayers is in washington, d.c. >> reporter: here at the ball things are if full swing. you saw pictures of the
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president and mrs. of bay area mall having a dance. they will do the same thing at the inaugural ball. a history making day that left some residents we spoke to speechless. >> president obama took the oath for his second term standing in front of the capital. >> i sol recommendly swear. >> he placed his hand on two bible. one belonging to abraham lincoln and the other to dr. king. >> it is our generation's task to carry on what those pioneers began? in his inaugural address the president gave vision. >> we are true to our creed when a little girl born into poverty knows she has the same chance to succeed as might be else. >> he touched on taxes, gun control and immigration. he urged cooperation in washington. >> congress requires us to act
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in our time. >> after the ceremony the president turned to take one last look at the view. later he signed documents nominating his cabinet members. senator majority leader harry reid toasted the president. the president thanked all in attendance. >> i recognize that democracy is not always easy. i recamiers there are profound differences in this room. but i just want to saw thank you for your service. >> the day concluded with a one and a half mile parade to the white house. the president and the first lady walked a portion of the route. tonight they will attend two inaugural balls. >> reporter: talking to some bay area residents told us that seeing him sworn this today if was a salute to martin luther jr.'s dream. the president is expected to share another dance with mrs.
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obama. back to you. >> looks like a fabulous evening. christin you look gorgeous. >> reporter: thank you. the bay area paid tribute to c. -- to dr. king today. in san francisco, hundreds of others participated in the annual march. many who turned out for the march came up on the freedom train. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington hopped on board. >> it is a historic commute that happens once a year. the freedom train. the specially chartered ride honors martin ruther king jr.'s birthday and his fight for civil rights >> martin king was for civil rights, equal opportunity and peace. >> we have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. >> cofounder says this is the
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longest running freedom train in the united states. on its 29th year. >> it is good to have people realize that there are so many other people that also have the concern about having a more racially just society. >> a lianoid san jose's diridon started early. >> had it not been for him making all the steps he made and doing all the things he did, i don't feel like this would be possible. we wouldn't have the freedom we have now. >> speakers on the train tin collude teresa cox and u.s. marshals talked about the impact oned to's world. the route goes for 54 miles, the same distance king and a group of activist marched to the steps of the capital of montgomery campaigning for voting rights. today, the nation's first black president was sworn in for a second term. >> a double sell brought martin
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luther king has his dream. black president for the second term. we're all celebrating together, all national this. >> in san jose, elissa harrington cbs 5. a terrifying crime in this block. the chilling chain of events in a neighborhood watch community. it has been done b. remove a bay area freeway and create a new neighborhood. why this time it could cause a huge traffic mess. . >> the 49ers are going to the super bowl. for
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look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is!
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sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. robberies. the robberies took place this morning within an hour of each other - first on estates drive, then arroyo avenue. cbs 5 on ford on the cri two families the target of robberies. >> first on estate drive then
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arroya avenue. cbs's don ford has more. >> we determined they had kicked in the front door at about 6:12 this morning. >> a violent home invasion in a normally quiet city. brazen burglars forced an 80- year-old couple to the floor at gun point. >> they ransacked the home, continually asked for money and cash which the victims didn't have. >> the bandits were described as black male with bandannas. armed with guns. eventually they left the couple unharmed before police arrived. minutes later, a second home invasion by a group matching the same description. here they punched a screaming victim in the face and fired a shot before they left. >> i don't think we have seen anything like that, boom, boom in that short period of time.
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>> barbara nelson says her doorbell rang as soon as her neighbors were being robbed. she believe her dogs scared them off. >> i have a very large dog. he is well trained. i don't have a lot of concern. >> chief wyatt cautions everybody to be careful. >> do what you can to cooperate. give up your stuff. don't give up your life. >> reporter: don ford cbs 5. an accident closed down three lanes of traffic going south this afternoon. happened near the a street exit in alameda county. the trailer you see swung out into traffic. we are told nobody is hurt but crews had to turn that big rig around before it could leave the freeway. 280 and san francisco could soon be replaced by a street level boulevard like the ones
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built after the embarcadero freeway was knocked down. the idea would be to eliminate the ramp if at fourth and king. cbs 5 reporter phil matier on what would replace those ramps. phil. >> reporter: it is passports nateing, we lizb . you and i were looking at this. thousands of commuters a day have this. it is the gateway to san francisco's waterfront. to city officials it is also a key piece of real estate and one that could be better used for cars. >> this part of 28 28 -- 280 doesn't carry that much traffic. creates a sort of no-man's land. >> the train would have to literally weave through the
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complete -- columns of the existing freeway. >> still, ugly as it may be, this part of 280 is a key commuter route. a main wave to the new techies living here to get to their jobs. >> we need another way out. >> makes it a pain in the butt, yeah. i don't know why they do that. >> others, however, say hey, why not. >> there is a good chance there might be another nice neighborhood as a result. i would like to read more about it. >> state is that right who worked through the last few tear down said this will trigger a fight. >> i have memories of what it took to take down down the
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empty -- embarcadero. >> reporter: all this comes while the city is pushing to build a now 16,000 arena down on the waterfront as well. so you would have the arena, the business community, the baseball stadium. you would have all that, but you wouldn't have a quick way to get in, meaning all of this traffic you see here would have to be back on the ground and on the streets. do you know how to say gridlock? >> yes. very interest. >> phil, thank you. multiple accidents this morning. the cause may have been plaque ice. happened near cherry lane. one car rear ended another then a head-on crash. finally an overturned car. no one was injured in the crashing. chp thinks runoff water combined with the freezing temperatures created the black ice. a suer per is safe tonight -- surfer is safe after taking a leap of faith.
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surfer jumped off the rocks toward the coast guard. a police department boat picked him up. we will have an exclusive interview with the surfer a little later. >> chief meteorologist paul deanno has more on the very strong surf. paul. >> reporter: 9% of the bay area, some very calm weather. it has been b. sunny afternoon. this is where we are with our cbs 5 mobile weather lab. that has been 2001 spot that has had rough weather, rough surf because of that wind. you can see it right here coming out of the due northeastern. it really isn't that strong, but out on the open water, 30 miles per hour. the surf was incredibly sufficient over the weekend and stayed rough today. i will show you, the fact that the high risk of rip currents
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is decreasing and the rough surf, winds will be changing. it will be more south and southwest beginning tonight. weather pattern will be changing. the winds will be changing. it is calming down not so good is you like sunshine because that will be going away. temperatures pretty mild. 65 today. naapa 65. san jose 65. it is dry. that will not be the case tomorrow night. talk about tonight. cold night. you saw the story about the possible black ice. you will be chilly there again tonight. 33 concord. satellite and radar, clouds to the west. the first visual sign that high pressure is beginning to move away. chilly start. sunny finish. after that, low pressure moves in and showers will arrive on wednesday. there is your pattern change
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rain returning two days from now. trivalley, low to mid 60s. san francisco, right around 60. another sunny and mild day coming up torment extended forecast, wednesday with showers. we dry out thursday and friday. saturday looks dry but cloudy. here comes more rainfall sunday and monday. back out here live. when it comes to being a fan of your favorite team, there are fans and then there are fans. this is the 49ers man cave. it has all the trappings.
6:20 pm
49ers pool table. signs and even pieces of candle stick park. >> things from the stadium means a lot, especially since the stadium has one more year left and then they are gone. >> that is a dream man cave for a lot of people. >> his wife must be a huge fan by default. are you planning to go to the super bowl? coming up, wades up the cost of a -- we add up the cost of a trip to new orleans. are you a 49ers super fan. how are you getting ready for the big game? sends your photos. email us.
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through a few hoops. ma y booked 49ers fans trying to make
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it out to new orleans for the super bowl. >> a lot of hotels are already booked. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman tells us where to find the best deal. >> what can i do for you. >> can you get me to the super bowl? >> i sure can. when do you want to leave many. >> it is a question that thousands will be asking. travel agents tell us it won't besigned documents. >> closer to downtown $1,800 a night. >> a night? >> a night, yes. the hotel rooms are all booked out 100-mile radius. >> you have to get a package room to get a hotel room unless you want to pay 800 for a best western. >> 7,235 per person. >> you do get a ticket to the
6:24 pm
game but not the hundred dollars round trip ticket. >> it is almost impossible. camping out is probably the best thing. >> this one is our 31-foot class c motor home >> camping world can put you interwoven these for super bowl week. she is not sold out. >> one of the features is the slide out. >> here we go. it's sliding out. >> the slide out helps accommodate six people on the road. the drive to new orleans. >> it will cost you about 1800. >> $1,800 for a week. >> and then the $200 gasoline fillup. you will need at least 10 of those. we're counting 4 grand before you're out the door. but maybe you can rent some of your couch space to those looking for a space to crash. or, you can jump in a car and camp out on the side of the road. but bring a jacket. it is about 40 degrees in the southern part of the united states these days.
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mike sugerman, cbs 5. coming up in our next half hour, the trip of a lifetime for some bay area 8th graders. how students in one of the roughest neighborhoods earned the right to witness history at president obama's inauguration. the unusual weapon that was turned in during a bay area gun drive. little too intense for me out there? >> our exclusive interview with a stranded bay area surfer.
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washington, d-c.. on the day commemorating president obama's second inauguration. now at 6:30, the sun sets in washington, d.c. on president obama's second inauguration. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> a lot of people traveled from the bay area to the inauguration. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers is there. you met a group of oakland eighth graders who found a way to attend christin? >> reporter: that's right. their teacher says it really was ton likely fairy tale. 46 students, many of them low income. some of them had never even
6:29 pm
left oakland, suddenly given the opportunity to see barack obama sworn in here in washington, d.c. >> for any student, the opportunity of a lifetime. the trip to see the president inaugurated. >> i sol recommendly swear. >> it was like a lot of people. >> at this urban oakland school it was unheard of. eight out of 10 students come from low income households. >> let's look at the first question. >> eighth grade history teacher says her students live on some of the roughest streets in oakland. >> families who have been subject to on going street violence in oakland. >> she knew a trip to washington, d.c. would be a game changer for 46 students, half of whom have never left oakland. >> you can go washington, d.c. then you can go to europe.
6:30 pm
you can go touchy ma. >> but the math wasn't on their side. it would cost $1,760 per student. the students would have to raise $30,000 of it. >> it was like an incredible number that couldn't be achieved. >> students and their parents signed up to work concession stands where they would earn 10% of the profit. >> [ inaudible ] >> some of the game were super busy. >> they did bake sales. >> we sold candy. we wrote letters to people asking for donations. >> they did it all while
6:31 pm
following the rule. at least a 2.5 gpa to go. no ds or fs. each student did 10 hours of community service. >> i am really proud of all of them. they all worked to get there. if they kept their grades up. >> when the cash was counted. >> i think reraised about not quite but close to $30,000. >> every day i am squeezing my face i am so excited >> students arrived to washington and meet with their congresswoman. >> we have been invited to a personal interview and photo shoot with barbara lee. she is like an icon to me >> ms. center sees this trip having a ripple effect on her students' future. >> doesn't matter these kids are from oakland. you are a citizen of the world and you can take a place in the
6:32 pm
world. >> reporter: to cap all of that off, students able to come and see barack obama sworn in. you have to think that was the highlight of their trip. speaking of the president, allen, he and the first lady just finished their dance here to jennifer hudson singing. it was really an incredible sight to see. the crowd here going wild for that. >> we will show people that right now. thanks so much. >> ♪ i'm loving you ever. >> president obama attending two inaugural balls tonight. dance as jennifer hudson sings al green's song "let's stay together." all other big stories tonight, the super bowl bound san francisco 49ers. one northern california town is buzzing with extra excitement.
6:33 pm
cbs reporter andrea manetti has more. >> the craze has kicked into high gear. >> a cheer for our local boy. >> after t-shirt, plus a favorite for local fans. >> i actually met him when he was in 7th grade. i will be wearing wearing my
6:34 pm
jersey. >> we are so happy our local boys took us to the super bowl. >> fans customizing shirts to celebrate the star. >> merchandise from the nfl, we can put his maim and number on it. >> andrea manetti, cbs 5. might not look very intimidating, but something the size of a pen can kill. still ahead, how bay area authorities got this tiny weapon out of the hands of the public. >> they are like you have to keep going. it is now or never. what happened after stranded bay area surfer took a leap of faith into rough waters.
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♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death.
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speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. chopper five was over the cliff house near ocean beach where a man was stranded with only his surfboard... the surfer made decisions that he believes... saved his life. he told us
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he saw the jagged rocks as his only hope. 1:47:15-1:54:23"i was close enough to the rock that i just figured i'd get thrown up on it once or twice and climb up and just hang out there until help came." rosen ended up jumping off the rock towards some coast guard paddleboarders who came to help. a police boat was standing by and brought him safely back to shore. for a third straight day, rescuers from kauai searched for a san francisco man lost in the ocean. he is one of 2- visitors from san francisco swept into the water off the island's north shore friday. firefighters recovered the body of adam griffiths saturday. griffiths dove into the bay to try to rescue brian baker after he got into trouble in the water. but the surf overcame both men. firefighters are still searching for baker, but he is presumed dead. another gun "buyback" event today... became a gun buy back vent was so
6:38 pm
popular every penny of the 43 tow dollars fund was depleted. nay asked residents the turn the weapons in without payment. >> get them out of the house. those are the ones that will wind up in somebody's hands. a young child. those are the ones we want out of the house. >> today's response was in the first hour and a half. they took in about 18 weapons including this thing. a single shot .22 caliber gun about the size of a pen. a type of gun you can't buy at any store. it has become sort of a family tradition. the san francisco 49ers go to the super bowl. before they get the lombardy trophy, they got the trophy for
6:39 pm
winning the nf c championship trophy against the falcons. they handed the trophy to the young ceo. ticket for the super bowl are in short supply, but not impossible. coming up, how you can score a seat and how costco could be a part of your plan. the super bowl might be a family affair. just don't ask the family about it. i'm dennis o'donnell. jim harbaugh has a dream about kaepernick, but the ending might surprise you.
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getting a ticket for super bowl ourselves... but worth noting... more than a dozens cities have had multiple sports championships in a single year. but since the superbowl er not to get ahead of yourselves. more than a dozen cities have had a sports championship in a single year. since super bowl, only four. baltimore in '70. pittsburgh in 79 day. new york with the giants and the mets if '86. boston in 2004. the elite company, everything goes according to 49 r. fans.
6:43 pm
for super bowl 47 you have to think expensive >> the lowest price for a ticket is about $2,000 online. cbs 5 consumer watch report aerobrakes it down. julie watts. >> reporter: the 9ers won't be selling their tickets. they are entered into a raffle for a right to buy one. while the 9ers won't say how many tickets they are going to raffle, odds are it won't be a whole lot and they won't come cheap >> the capacity at the superdome is a little over 76,000. the 9ers reportedly get 17.5% of those seats. that is about 13,000 tickets to be split between players, personnel and a few lucky season ticket holders. the good news is many of those will sell their tickets along with other teams in the nfl leaving plenty of opportunity for us. but again, they will be pricey. >> how much would you shell out for a seat at the super bowl?
6:44 pm
>> probably a few hundred dollars. >> yeah. >> the most i would give is $200. >> well, you may have to pay a bit more than that. the good news is there are plenty available right now on a variety of reputable websites. stub hub has tickets starting at a little over two grand. prime starting at $2,255. it is not the only game in town. along with that 12 pack of toilet paper you can now pick up super bowl tickets at costco as well. but it is 2700 per ticket with packages running up to $15,000. there is really no club card discount here. if you're looking for a deal, entire beware. whether the super bowl or the world series, scalpers are often selling scams. always ask to see the ticket before wow buy and check the security features on the back.
6:45 pm
but for many come february 3rd, the best seat in the house won't cost them a dime. >> i would rather watch it at home because you can get a better picture. >> reputable ticket agencies will offer guarantees that you won't get at e bay or craigslist or from scalpers. don't necessarily trust a web search. cap -pars have ways of -- scalpers have ways of manipulating those search results. >> the more you are in a hurry the chances are more that you will get ripped off. >> and the cheaper it is. if they are offering less than the going rate, it is too good to be true. if you want to go, buy now. >> and break out the big buck. >> true. chief meteorologist paul deanno is near ocean beach tonight. paul. >> reporter: out here with the cbs 5 mobile weather lab. kind of cool to show you
6:46 pm
weather information. 56degrees out here. humidity 43%. showing you a crystal clear radar. all of this is going to be changing over the next couple days. it is the one spot that has not had calm weather over the past couple days. it has been dangerous on the water. beginning tonight because the winds are going to change, things will be calming down here as things get more active. doppler will be fired up by wednesday with showers. first i want to show you that the surf will be calming down because of that wind shift. the rip current risk is already decreasing. good news for folks heading out on the water bait has been dangerous as we saw in that exclusive report from the gentleman who was trapped out ear today. going to get a little bit wetter, a little bit cloudier.
6:47 pm
san jose at 56. santa rosa cooling down to 50. san francisco upper 50s. cbs 5 doppler is mainly dry. we will stay that way until wednesday morning. that is when some showers will move in north of the golden gate and work their way through the bay area. another cold night tonight if you are inland valley. you will likely wake up to frost. maybe ice on the road. san jose will drop down to 38. san francisco 44. santa rosa, concord, naapa all near or perhaps a degree or two below freezing. satellite showing you what's going on all around the area. out to the west the clouds get closer. that represents the back edge of the western fringe of this big dome of high pressure. as it moves away, the clouds get closer. it likely will be the mildest day because we're going to get a southerly flow before the
6:48 pm
pattern changes. the showers will arrive on wednesday as high pressure finally does completely move out and low pressure moves in from the north and west. sunny and mild again tomorrow. look at temperatures topping out cooler with showers on wednesday. more rain likely by thisup coming weekend. temperatures out there getting into the mid 60s. talking 66 for a hay in santa clara. san mateo 65. concord 62. dublin 636789 636789 -- 63. here is your extended forecast. dry on tuesday. wednesday, we get the showers. on thursday we catch another break. high pressure moving in but not as long. thursday, friday, dry. the calm conditions returning to the surf bait has been very
6:49 pm
rough. certainly was today. that is your mobile weather report for tonight. back to you. [ cheers and applause ]
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the smothers brothers they are any frovolity between jim and john harbaugh as the super bowl draws near.. " " colin kaepernick continues to be sure of the don't expect anything from the harbaughs as the super bowl draws near. >> we did it last year. it was fine. it got old last year right? >> both harbaugh brothers have made it clear they don't want to make their relationship the focus of the super bowl. >> civil rights take pass personally. >> there have been over 300 sets of brothers to play in the nfl. peyton and eli have metisse in -- met twice but both during the regular season. >> outside of football, the williams sisters are no
6:53 pm
strangers. >> don't expect any trash talk like that over the next two weeks as jim and john don't even plan to speak until super bowl sunday. >> we haven't spoken. a couple texts. i imagine that won't be much more. pretty busy getting ready. >> colin if kaepernick continues to be unphased as he prepared for the 10th start of his nfl career. he is one win away of capping it off with a super bowl title. >> very bright future. >> that is what jim harbaugh would call the master of the obvious. kaepernick can do no wrong right now. against the packers he ran for 181 yards. yesterday defense set up to prevent him from running but he
6:54 pm
completed. who needs experience. kaepernick's starts are the third fewest. >> the way kaepernick runs, the gracefulness of his stride, the ground he covers, it reminds me of me when i run. and then i wake up. >> no, he doesn't. he's living the dream right now. golden state beat the high flying clippers for the third time this year. david lee back after missing with a sprained ankle. first quarter, jerry jack, flips behind his head. 10 assist for jack. his third straight. griffin won't be entering any shooting contest any time soon. earlier month he took one off
6:55 pm
the side of the rim. take that badged to, griffin air balls the three. fourth quarter, warriors up two. >> bringing it off. oh, perry threads the needle. >> 18 points off the bench for jack. golden state would close out the clippers with a 12-4 run to end the game. curry led all scorers with 28. warriers beat the clips 106-99. >> my bench played huge once again. jack, with all due respect i keep hearing crawford and smith. at some point people will hear what jack is doing off the bench. it's incredible.
6:56 pm
>> the kings finally leaving sacramento. they have agreed to sell the team to a seattle based group that plans to move the team as soon as next season. so, that little rivalry between the kings and warriors is about to come to tend. >> so they would become the supersonics. >> yeah. the seattle supersonics. they would retain the old name p. >> i'll be there next sunday, game day live on location. >> all right. little dance from the inaugural party tonight. call 1-800-progressive.
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joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: how you folks doing?
6:59 pm
[captioning made possible by fremantle media] thank you all for coming. thank you very much. hey welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? we got another good one for you today. they are returning for the third day, straight out of chicago illinois. it's the sudduth family. and from the hazelhurst, georgia. we'll find out what that is. it's the mcleod family. let's get it on. give me tom. give me nita. let's go. >> oh, yeah. steve: here we go, folks. let's go. we got the top 6 answers on the board. we asked 100 men. name one detail you remember about the first date on which you kissed a girl. [buzz buzz] tom? >> um, she--she laughed. steve: she laughed. all right, tom.


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